Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Journalism and Professional Writing

The College of New Jersey

2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

609-771-2285 (office)



               CURRICULUM VITAE


            Academic and Professional Employment


The College of New Jersey (July2021-) Chair of the Journalism and Professional Writing department. Chair of the Promotions and Reappointment Committee.


The College of New Jersey (2009 to present) faculty member in the Journalism and Professional Writing Department.  I have taught a variety of journalism courses, including Introduction to Journalism, Beats  and Deadlines (capstone), News Editing and Production, Video Production and Editing, Magazine Writing and Writing for Interactive Multimedia, Advanced Magazine Writing, Press History and a first-year seminar course entitled The True Cost of Fashion  I also teach a course in IMM called the History of Innovation to freshman in the major. I have developed a Business Writing module for the Summer Business Institute and a high school journalism curriculum for international students.


The Philadelphia Inquirer (1999-2022) Regular contributor to Business and Lifestyle sections as well as Home Design and Real Estate sections. Wrote two Sunday Business section cover stories about supply chain issues and retail trends. Wrote two weekday cover stories on fabric recycling and local clothing manufacturing. Served as interim fashion editor from 1999-2000 writing profiles on designers who visited Philadelphia (Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson, Steven Slowik for Bill Blass), new designer/brand launches in the city (Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie), and chronicled the dressing of “Sixth Sense” director M. Night Shyamalan for the Golden Globes. Also wrote Home Design stories about trends in home design, and projects in the area and added Real Estate writing in 2009, becoming a regular writer for the Haven column in the Sunday real estate section.


Philadelphia Style magazine (Fall 2011-2020) Freelance feature writer covering fashion design, retail, architecture, interior design, and real estate. Write one story per issue.


Women’s Wear Daily (1999-2017) Contribute feature stories about retail news, exhibits, and sustainability trends.



Various national and regional publications (May 1998-present)

Write freelance lifestyle articles for publications such as W and WWD, NJ Monthly, Women’s Health, Philadelphia Style, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sierra magazine,, sustainable,, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar, I Magazine, New Jersey Life, InStyle, MSN/AOL, Our House, ClassesUSA. Where publications. Wrote everything from home and design pieces to fashion articles as well as celebrity profiles (Oscar de la Renta, Kelly Ripa, Zach Braff, Elizabeth Shue, Christine Ebersole, Andre Leon Talley).


New Jersey Life (January 2006-June 2007) Deputy editor overseeing the production of seven issues a year. Manage small staff and freelance writers, managed publication’s budget, generated ideas for issues, wrote and top edited all submissions, produced photo shoots.


Spectacular Homes of Greater Philadelphia, Panache Publishers (2006) Author of 200-page coffee table book featuring the work of 50 interior designers and architects in the Philadelphia region.


Philadelphia Style magazine (November 1998-November 1999) Editor-in-Chief. Worked with publisher and art director on original concept of the magazine aimed at a younger, city-dwelling audience. Hired freelance staff, came up with story ideas, edited and wrote stories, helped with visual look of publication.


The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Home and Garden magazine (2004-2005) Launched monthly Sunday home and garden magazine published by Hollister Publications. Hired freelance staff, came up with story ideas, edited and wrote stories about home design and garden.


W magazine and Women’s Wear Daily (1992-1998) Staff fashion editor contributing to a monthly consumer publication and a daily trade newspaper. Covered news and trends in the fashion design, retail, textile and beauty industries. Produced weekly photo shoots and wrote special issues for newspaper.

SELF magazine (1991-1992) Copywriter working on special advertising sections for            monthly Conde Nast publication, wrote publisher’s letter and sales support materials.

Other teaching experience:  Temple University, adjunct professor, Fall 2004 through May 2008. Designed and implemented a curriculum for Magazine Writing and Lifestyle Writing to juniors and seniors.

The College of New Jersey, adjunct professor, January 2009 through Spring 2012. Taught Magazine writing and Writing for Interactive Multimedia



  1. Educational Background


      New York University, New York, NY, M.A. Journalism, May 1994

Concentration: Magazines


      Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, B.B. A. Business Administration, May1985.


      Columbia University, New York, NY Continuing Education Courses, 2012-13


      CUNY, New York, NY 2016-2019 Continuing Ed courses


      IIIAcademic or Professional Honors, Prizes, Awards and Presentations       
SOSA Award for years 2016-2018


  1. Teaching Record


Courses taught:


  • JPW 498, Beats and Deadlines, Spring 2021, 28 students (2 sections), Spring 2022, 16 students
  • JPW 208, Introduction to Journalism, Fall 2020, 7 students, Fall 2021, 14
  • JPW 311 News Editing and Production, Fall 2018, 21 students; Fall 2019, 20 students; Fall 2020, 19 students, Fall 2021, 19 students; Fall 2021, 19 students
  • JPW 370-02 Multimedia Storytelling, Spring 2015, 16 students; Fall 2015, 11 students;
  • JPW 360 Multimedia Storytelling, Fall 2018, 16 students; Spring 2019, Fall 2019, 14 students; Spring 2020, 8 students; Fall 2022, 18 students
  • JPW 350 – Magazine Writing, Fall 2012, 23 students; Spring 2013, 22 students; Fall 2014, 22 students; Spring 2016, 22 students; Spring 2016, 22 students; Fall 2017, 30 students; Spring 2017, 45 students (course was redeveloped for IMM students only); Spring 2017, 22 students (JPW only); Spring 2018, 23 students; Spring 2019, 18 students, Spring 2020, 17 students
  • FSP 161 The Ethics and Sustainability of the Global Fashion Industry, Fall 2017, 19 students (freshman seminar course), Fall 2019, 18 students; Fall 2020, 16 students.
  • IMM 170 History of Innovation, Spring 2019, 17 students, Spring 2020, 20 students.
  • JPW 310 Press History- Spring 2014, 22 students.
  • JPW 370Advanced Magazine Writing, Fall 2013, 16 students.
  • JPW-250/IMM 140 – Writing for Interactive Multimedia, Fall 2012, 25 students in two sections; Spring 2013, 40 students in 2 sections; Fall 2013, 44 students in 2 sections; Spring 2014, 44 students in 2 sections; Fall 2014, 44 students in 2 sections; Spring 2015, 44 students in two sections; Fall 2015, 29 students; Spring 2016, 44 students. Fall 2016, 44 students; Spring 2017, 23 students.
  • Summer Business Institute, Business Writing section, 10 students
  • 2014-Fall 2019: 62 JPW internships, 12 independent studies and Practicums; After 2020: Fall 2020, JPW 499,6 students; Spring 2021: JPW 399, 2 students; JPW 499, 5. Fall 2021, Independent Study/practicum, 2 students; JPW 399, 3 students, JPW 499 , 4 students; Independent study, 1; JPW 399, 1; JPW 499, 1 student.


  1. Librarianship Record (Does Not Apply)


  1. Academic Advising and Student Mentoring Record


I formally advise anywhere from 16-26 students each year and informally advise and mentor many others during their time at TCNJ and after graduation. I have written many letters of recommendation for students who were applying for Fulbright scholarships, New York Women in Communication scholarships, merit scholarships, study abroad internship programs, graduate school admission and publishing internships.  Students of mine are attending law school, graduate communications program at The University Maryland and Rutgers University in their graduate program for Communications and Media. Internships for my advisees include: Wall Street Journal, Disney, Comcast Sportsnet, Fox News, Lodging Magazine, People Style Watch, L’Oreal, Advanced Media, NJ Press Association, BBC News, Time Out New York, HGTV magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Women’s Health, regional radio stations, the New Jersey state house, brands like Nutrisystem, Alice and Olivia, Michael Aran, The Philadelphia Union soccer team, and The Knicks basketball team.






Scholarship Published in Newspapers, Magazines and Online  (August 2012 to present):



“The Art  of Shopping: PMA’s Retail Director if Lifting the museum out of its pandemic slump. A local feel is there, too.”, 2130 words, The Philadelphia Inquirer (cover of Sunday business section and online), January 23, 2022,


“Boathouse Sports — a true life apparel maker in Philly — has ambitious plans to grow”

1452 words, The Philadelphia Inquirer (online and print, Business section), December 27, 2021,


“A Brooklyn nonprofit comes to Philly to recycle clothing waste across the Mid-Atlantic”, 1503 words, The Philadelphia Inquirer (online and print, Business section), November 15, 2021


“Fabscrap aims to Solve the Fashion Industry’s Waste Problem”, 1144 words,, Sept.20, 2020,


“High demand for medical gowns could boost the Made in the Americas movement. A Philly-area supply chain expert explains”, 1287 words, The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2, 2020,


“A New Exhibit of Late Fashion Designer Willi Smith Highlights His Philadelphia Roots and Ground-Breaking Fashion Firsts”, 825 words,, July 14, 2020,


“The Environmental and Human Cost of Making a Pair of Jeans”,  1662 words,, March 8, 2018,


“Zero Waste Fashion: Tonle Has become a hot with ethical consumers worldwide”,798 words,, May 10, 2017,


“How Fashion is Killing Rivers Worldwide”, 1271 words,, March 22, 2017


“A Vow: How Mata Traders lift women out of poverty”, 1018 words,, February 22, 2017,


“Manos Zapotecas: Creating Handbags to Educate:, 664 words, February 9, 2017,


Made Institute fashioning entrepreneurs and makers in Philly, 846 words,, January 23, 2017,


“Proud Mary: A Modern Sensibility”, 469 words,, December 16, 2016,


“Arresting Design: Bringing a Creative Collaboration to Market, 853 words,, November 30, 2016,


“Good Karma: Lumily’s Fashion Sense with Meaning”, 667 words,, November 25, 2016,


“Changing Demographic Pushes Philadelphia Retail Development”, 1650 words, Women’s Wear Daily, September 28, 2016,


 “Fashion Brand Strategist crafts Chic Socially Responsible ecommerce site”, 798 words,, September 13, 2016;


“Golden Touch: Fred Bissinger’s Main Line Masterpiece”, 450 words, Philadelphia Style, Fall issue;


“Schott NYC: An Iconic Leather Brand”, 490 words, New Jersey Monthly, March 2016 issue;


“ Thread Count: Print Fresh Unspools Its Latest Designs” 181 words, Philadelphia Style, Spring 2016 issue,


“Could Nanotechnology Drastically Reduce Clothing’s Environmental Impact?” 362 words, Sustainable Brands, October 27, 2015,



“The Stars and Stripes Store: A Philadelphia Story”, 461 words,, October 18, 2016,


“Philadelphia’s economy boosted by Retail Investments and Expansions”, 1475 words, Women’s Wear Daily, September 22, 2015.


“From King of Prussia Mall’s latest expansion to a revamped and renamed Gallery, Philadelphia Fashion footprint is rapidly expanding”, 880 words, Philadelphia Style, Summer issue.



“The Ethical Fashion Initiative: Simone Cipriani pairs designers with artisans to produce ethically made accessories”, 800 words, Women’s Wear Daily, May 20, 2015,


Webber, K. & Pearson, K. (2015, May 1). Community engaged learning in journalism and multimedia courses. Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication: A Journal Published by the Small Programs Interest Group, 6228 words,


“A Bucks County Farmhouse Showcases Rustic Designs”, 720 words, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Late Fall issue,


Carried Away: A Suburban Carriage Home’s Design Pedigree comes alive thanks to one Interior Designers playful side, 761 words, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Fall 2014 issue,


“There’s Something About Mary: The woman behind Nicole Miller’s success”, Fall 2014 issue, 920 words, Philadelphia Style Magazine,


“Force of Nature: As Dan and Sarah Keating embark on their next chapter in life, the couple reflects on their rustic Main Line dream home”, Late Summer issue, 896 words, Philadelphia Style magazine,

Second Time Around: A suburban couple’s beachside home reflects their new, laid back lifestyle at the Jersey shore”, Spring 2014, 740 words, Philadelphia Style Magazine,


“Patrick Kelly’s career feted in Exhibition”, 860 words, Women’s Wear Daily, April 25, 2014;


“Bathing Beauties: Headlines by Porcelanosa’s Elegant Designs, Philadelphia’s Luxury Baths are Defined by Exotic Materials and Custom Fixtures”, Philadelphia Style Magazine, March 2014 issue, 446 words.

“Retail Royalty: As King of Prussia Mall Celebrates its 50th anniversary, General Manager Robert Hall Talks about the Luxury Retail Complex’s Ever Expanding Impact”, Philadelphia Style magazine, March 2014 issue, 1208 words.

“Interior Department: Barbara Eberlein has designed Rooms for Some of Philadelphia’s most sumptuous homes, but one recent client was perhaps her most demanding: Herself.” Philadelphia Style magazine, March 2014 issue, 898 words.

“Chase and Jen Utley’s 3-story Penthouse Hits the Market,” Philadelphia Style magazine, December/January issue 2013/14 words, 1025 words.

“Branching out; A Conshohocken home Embraces Its Tree-Filled Surroundings with Fluid Spaces and Expansive views,” Philadelphia Style magazine, Fall 2013 issue 875 words, (p 135-136)

“Ministry of the Interior: A trio of Philadelphia tastemakers offers a rare glimpse into their luxurious residences to share their flair for all that is sophisticated and exquisite,” Philadelphia Style magazine; Fall 2013 issue; 1250 words.


“Pride of Place: A suburban home’s unique architectural details recall the historic grandeur of life on the Main Line,” Philadelphia Style magazine; Fall 2013 issue; 660 words;


“The Joi of Success: Fashion doyenne Joi Denenberg’s latest project with Macy’s channels icon Marilyn Monroe,” Philadelphia Style magazine; Fall 2013 Issue; 775 words.


“The Barns Collection: A 19th century barn on the brink of demolition is now the bucolic backyard centerpiece of one Bucks County Home,” Philadelphia Style magazine; Summer 21013 issue; 699 words.


“A place in the Sun: The Jersey Shore welcomes and Entertainment Complex and a Boutique Hotel just in time for Summer;” Philadelphia Style magazine; Summer 2013 issue; 600 words.


“Sights to Sea: an Avalon home’s oceanfront views are the focus of its functional design;” Philadelphia Style magazine; April/May 2013 issue; 774 words.


“Antiques Roadshow: Gay culture may be obsessed with youth, but when it comes to decorating, a touch of the old can be just the thing. Here, three great locales perfect for a treasure hunting day trip;” G Philadelphia (a Philadelphia magazine publication); Spring 2013 issue; 1108 words;


“The Future is Now: A Society Hill townhouse designed by I.M. is on the Cutting Edge once again thanks for a 21st Century update;” Philadelphia Style magazine; March/April 2013 issue; 593 words.


“A new multimillion dollar entertainment complex and luxury apartment building s on track to transform Philadelphia’s Fishtown;” Philadelphia Style magazine; Winter 2013 issue; 590 words


“Opposites Attract: A Main Line couple’s Dream Home is a Fine Contrast of contemporary accents and European Drama;” Philadelphia Style magazine; December/January 2013 issue; 790 words.


“The Finished Touch: Karen Giberson if the non-profit Accessories Council Aims to Keep Costume Jewelry USA Made;” Philadelphia Style magazine; December/January issue; 689 words.


“History in the Making: Famous Philadelphia landmarks find a second life as modern mixed-use properties;” Philadelphia Style magazine; December/January issue; 788 words.


“The Gift of Art: A couple Starts a New chapter High Above the Square and Surrounded by Their Treasured Art Collection;” Philadelphia Style magazine; December/January issue 2012/13; 706 words.


“Rustic Revival: A Local Interior Designer’s Strong Sense of Style Refreshes a New Hope Barn;” Philadelphia Style magazine; October/November 2012 issue; 687 words.


“A League Of Its Own: 1706 Rittenhouse Has garnered International Acclaim for its Unparalleled Amenities, but to Residents like Dan Neduscin, this Tony Address is Simply Home;” Philadelphia Style magazine; Fall issue 2012; 810 words.


“Strathmere Fun House: A Fashion retailer and a Hip Designer Create a colorful retreat in 60s Surfer Style;” Philadelphia Style magazine; Summer 2012 issue; 768 words



“Social Promotion:” The Philadelphia Inquirer; August 24, 2012; 1084 words;

Scholarship published in Books:


Where publications Guestbook- Spring Edition

“All Sewn Up: The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator designs the next generation of the city’s style industry;” Where publications hardcover book; Spring edition; 1170 words.


VIII. Creative Record

“Cheesesteak Chic”, by Joi Dennenberg, Emil DeJohn, Kathleen Webber. Documentary about the history of fashion in Philadelphia. Primary researcher. Sizzle real, to come. Summer of 2019-present.


The Philadelphia Fashion Story” by James Belzer and Kathleen Webber, password: fashion). Did not secure funding to finish project.


  1. Professional Activity Record

            Spring 2015: Mort Winston Justice Seminar participant.


  1. Professional, Intellectual, Creative Development

            Panel member for AEJMC (America Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication) national conference in San Francisco in August 2015. “More Than a Good Story – Methods for Teaching Digital Storytelling”


  1. Administration or Coordination Activities (Does Not Apply)


XII.  Record of Service to the College Community

  • Chair, Journalism and Professional Writing (July 2021-Present)
  • Journalism and Professional Writing PRC chair (2019-
  • First Seminar Coordinating Committee (2016-present)
  • First Seminar Coordinating Committee, Chair of 2020 FSP awards
  • Presented to 14 Students in the Summer Community Leaders Program on Storytelling (Summer 2020)
  • Work within the department on Career Development Initiatives (2019)
  • Helped bring NYWICI student group to Campus (2019)
  • Arts for Social Justice Committee (2019-present)
  • Graphic Design part-time hire search committee (2019)
  • Grant Director’s search Committee (2019)
  • 099 Curriculum Committee (2018-19)
  • Arts and Communication Tech committee (2019)
  • Adviser to, online magazine
  • Adviser to Ed2010 magazine organization (programming and field trips)
  • Adviser to She’s the First group
  • English Colloquia Committee (2015-2016)
  • HSS Curriculum Committee (2015-2018)
  • Led freshman Summer reading book group discussion 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Spring 2015 Instructional Technology Workshop presenter
  • Fall 2014 Instructional Technology Lunch and Learn
  • Spring 2016 Host event in Library for documentary filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulis and her film: “Men of the Cloth”
  • Fall 2013 Brower Student Center Documentary film series talk. Presented and led discussion of the documentary film, “The September Issue” to students in the journalism program.
  • Member of the English Department’s Outreach Committee
  • Created TCNJ Journal WordPress to house selected articles from Magazine Writing and to serve as an outreach resource for students interested in working in the magazine industry.
  • Host Resume and Cover Letter workshops for Ed2010.
  • Host online writing workshops for new writers.
  • Research and proposal of funding for a need-based scholarship for unpaid interns’ commutation fees to major metropolitan areas. Working with development and dean to see plan through from research to implementation.



XII.  Record of Service to the Profession (Does Not Apply)


XIV. Record of Service to the Surrounding Community


  • Work with CIVIC Story to have students write for the NJ Sustainability hub in Beats and Deadlines course. Mentor two students In Beats and Deadlines with content they will write for Community News Service.
  • Work with TCCA Trenton (Civic Associations) on developing web content for 14 civic associations. Worked with 44 students on creating pages and maps that are useful, user-friendly and consistent for Trenton residents who want to get more involved in their communities.


  • Work with students and community members on creating engaging content for website celebrating creators and businesses in Trenton.


  • Created for the Trenton Mayoral election with JPW 250/IMM 140 students.